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BayCare And Medical Freedom

At BayCare we believe in a broad and robust view of Medical Freedom and of Patient and Parent Rights. These freedoms and rights include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.  The freedom to control and to consent to what happens to your own body regardless of what the experts tell you is best for you. Under California decisional law, unconsented medical treatment is, at best, negligent and, at worst, criminal on the part of the provider of that care.

2.  The freedom to have all the information that a reasonable person might want to have before consenting to medical treatment, even if it is deemed to be misinformation or disinformation by some others. This also includes the right to know whether the providers of your care have conflicts of interest in delivering that care, such as financial conflicts of interest or threats directed against that provider if that provider does not persuade you to go along with someone’s expert guidelines.

3.  The freedom to spend your healthcare dollars as you  wish rather than as the government or your employer wants or requires you to spend those dollars.

4.  The freedom to chose which medications and treatments you want to use for yourself regardless of whatever the expert guidelines say as long as they are safe and legal to use.

5.  Those rights that have been adopted by the federal Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services and the California Department of Managed HealthCare.